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Varga Ramóna
About me

Ramona (Victoria) Varga selected as Top CEO and Psychologist of the Year by IAOTP


My experience is that no one suffers who has not been hurt. The therapist makes a deep alliance with the patient and the two work together until the patient realizes what conditions, what people, what environment it takes for him to live to be who he is. During the therapy, the suffering does not necessarily decrease, but the patient learns to endure it, learns to live with the suffering easily and with serenity.

If you often feel that:

  • your anxiety prevents you from realizing your potential,
  • often stressful, negative thoughts lower your mood,
  • the burdens of your past and present are too heavy,
  • does not know where to go, has difficulty seeing the future,
  • your life only goes round and round, it collides with the same walls,
  • do not hear your needs in your relationships,
  • is surrounded by too many expectations that are difficult to meet,
  • you have no more ideas for change,

… You are in the right place, search with confidence!

Through individual and group therapies, through a variety of channels: email, chat, video call, or in person. If you feel you have been in a crisis, are stuck for something in your life and are indecisive, you may have relationship or parenting problems and need advice, but you cannot consult in person, you can also get help online! My psychological counseling through online tools also provides the opportunity for anonymous counseling.

In addition to face-to-face counseling, there is also the opportunity to participate in group therapy, which focuses more on interpersonal interactions, so it can help all those who would develop their social skills.

In my opinion, only the patient matters. Regulations, rules of theoretical science, protocol do not matter. Therapy is a here-and-now experience in which both the therapist and the patient participate. The experience is always fresh, live. Every patient is different-and-different. Treatment is exactly how we humans treat each other, the way we treat each other. We go where the patient, the man, is. We don’t ask her to come where the others (the normal, the healthy, the successful, the rich, the beautiful, the parents, the teachers, the neighbors, the bosses, the husbands, the wives, the strangers) are. We don’t leave him alone, we’re with him where he is. We help him not to be afraid or, if he is afraid, to be able to take strength from his fear. The patient is looking for his own way, and we cannot know what his way is, only he knows that. Therapy is the process by which a patient finds his or her own path.